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Buying a House



Selling a house or other property can be stressful and time-consuming. Aquila Property Partners work with sellers all across Clark County and the surrounding area to make those stresses disappear. It starts with a meeting or a call where we will assess what your situation is, what your expectations are, and what your ideal time frame is. Then, we will either make you a cash offer or design a strategy for selling on the open market. Either way, our team will make your goals a reality with a streamlined selling solution, removing all the hassle and uncertainty.

  • Facing foreclosure?

  • Declaring bankruptcy?

  • Having probate issues?

  • Dealing with divorce and property complications?

  • Inherited property you do not want or can not afford?


Aquila Property Partners can help - we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to the issues that sellers are facing, with strict adherence to your timeframes for selling. You never need to worry about getting your property 'market ready' – we will buy it as it is, and you will have the money in your account before you know it.

If you are late with your mortgage payments or you have received a notice of default, get in touch with Aquila Property Partners. We can help you to cash in on any equity that you have built up by buying the property before the foreclosure date, or we can work with you to find other options depending on your unique circumstances.

Inheriting a house can come with its own set of problems - if you have inherited property and can not afford to keep it or you are sharing ownership with siblings/other beneficiaries, a quick sale can be an easy way to get the maximum value from the property and relieve any stress.

Get in touch with the team today to find out how we can help you.

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